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'I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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Year 6

                             Year 6 - Foxes - Mr Jackson and Mrs Baker

Happy Easter Year 6 

This has been an unusual end to the term. I wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter. Stay relaxed and keep up the good work. Spend your holidays playing games with your family. Have a movie night. Go out for your daily exercise. Explore nature at this amazing time of year. Take time to enjoy spring in all its glory. 

Most importantly - stay safe. 


After the holidays myself and Mr Jackson will be creating a weekly plan for you to follow which we will upload to the home learning tab for this page. There will be videos of us reading our new class book - Floodland and your English tasks will be based around this. There will also be maths activities and plenty of project based work as well. 


We are hopefully going to be setting up a new site Class Dojo as well. This will give you a chance to take photos of your amazing work for us to see and we can comment and encourage you with your work. You will also be able to ask us questions if you get stuck. Your parents will have received an email about this. As soon as they have replied we will be setting it up. This should be up and running for the first week after Easter. yes

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you all. 


Stay safe. 


Mrs Baker  smiley

Thorpe Woodlands

Dear Year 6,


This weekend should have been full of fun and anticipation as you packed your bags ready to head off on the experience of a lifetime. Because of these unprecedented times, we are unable to go. crying


Therefore we wanted to set you a few ‘Thorpe Woodlands esque’ activities that you can complete at home.


1) Make a bed. No this doesn’t just mean pull the duvet up I mean properly change the bed. Put a clean sheet on the bottom, clean pillow case, duvet cover etc. If want a bigger challenge – change a double bed.

2) Build a den – outside if you can or inside using cushions, pillows etc.

3) Read a story in your den. Find an adventure story and get lost in that world in the safety of your den.

4) Run as much as you can. The leaders at Thorpe Woodlands would have had you running everywhere!

5) I wouldn’t recommend jumping into any rivers without proper safety equipment, however I’m sure there is an adult or older sibling at home that would love to throw a bucket of cold water over your head – same experience! wink

6) Do 1 thing that really takes you out of your comfort zone. Something that really challenges you. This can be anything that you like. Might even be holding a spider!!!!!

7) Finally - if you can get hold of any. Eat some marshmallows.


Thorpe Woodlands is our favourite year 6 experience and we’re really upset to be missing this experience with you all.


Take care and have fun.


Mrs Baker and Mr Jackson


Year 6 is all about working hard and playing hard. If you put the effort in, you will be rewarded. There are lots of exciting opportunities for you in year 6; the residential, London trip, sailing and not forgetting our production at the end of the year. 

Homework is an important part of getting ready for high school. You will have an English and Maths task every week as well as spellings. Please click on the homework tab underneath to see the homework. 


Mrs Baker and Mr Jackson.  

SATs information evening for parents Monday 16th March.

Visit to Ipswich Hindu Samaj Temple 13.02.20

On Thursday 13th February we were fortunate to be able to visit the Ipswich Hindu Samaj Temple where we learnt a lot about the Hindu faith. Thank you for having us. 

Science 24.01.20

Our topic in science for this half term is forces. We started off by looking at gravity and air resistance. We designed an experiment to see which materials, shape or size created the best parachute. We discussed the possible variable as well as which ones we can change while keeping it a fair test. 

PE with the Football Coach

This half term we have been lucky enough to have Aaron from Colchester United coaching us for our PE lessons. We have learnt a lot of different skills that we can build in to our football games. We have also enjoyed a variety of warm up games and getting very muddy! Much fun was had by all! smiley

Art 17th January

Computing 16.01.2020

Christingle 2019 - We are proud of year 6

15th October - Science Day at East Bergholt High School

PE with Mr Marshall

We are fortunate to have Mr. Marshall teaching us PE for this half term. We are building our skills at Tag Rugby ready for a possible tournament after half term.