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'I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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                                                       Welcome to Ladybird Class!

                 Reception- Miss Carr                                                                 

Welcome to our class page! In Reception we love to learn by playing and exploring in both the indoor and outdoor environment. We have great fun and are always ready for a new challenge! Please keep checking our page to see some of the many exciting activities that we do and for general information about our class. 

Reception ready for Sport Relief- 13/03/2020

We were very excited to run the Sport Relief mile today. Everyone took part and we were very impressed with the children's determination to complete the mile challenge! Fantastic running from everyone, well done Reception!

World Book Day- 05/03/2020

Everyone loved dressing up for World Book Day! We had a great day listening to lots of stories and taking part in lots of story activities.

Gymnastics fun- 12/02/2020

We are really enjoying gymnastics at the moment. We have been practising our skills of balancing, jumping, travelling and climbing in different ways.

African sunset silhouettes- 04/02/2020

We have been very inspired by different pieces of African Art work in our topic sessions. We created our own sunset backgrounds using watercolours and then cut out different pictures to stick on our sunsets.

Gymnastics- 28/01/2020

We started our first session of gymnastics today. Our activity was to practise holding a balance on our own and then with a partner for three seconds. To challenge us more we tried holding a balance with a beanbag.

PE: Team games- 17/01/2020

In PE we have been playing lots of team games. Today we really enjoyed playing the 'scarecrow' game where we had to work together as a team to dress a member of our team, in lots of PE equipment as fast as we could in order to be the winners. The 'scarecrow' had to try and balance all the equipment until everybody had a turn. We loved this game and are very excited to play it again.

Today we enjoyed using the tablets for the first time. We used a paint programme and practised selecting different sized brushes and colours. Some of us did pictures, whilst others had a go at writing their names.


Passports to Africa! 13/01/2020

Our new topic for this half term is Africa. As a class thought about how we could travel to Africa and what we might need to take with us. We then made our own passports and even had a go at creating our own signatures! We are very excited to see where our topic takes us next!

PSHE: Making Elmer Mobiles- 09/01/2020

As part of our PSHE unit of work, we looked at the story of Elmer. As a class we discussed how Elmer is different to all the other elephants, but she is still an elephant. We then thought about how we are all different to each other and how it is good to be different. To represent our learning we made our own Elmer mobiles, with the challenge of creating our own patchwork pattern using lots of different colours. Our mobiles are very special and have pride of place hanging in our classroom. 

Learning to cross the road safely with Year 6- 17/12/19

Today our Junior Road Safety Officers taught us how to cross the road safely. They told us lots of ways to keep safe near the roads and then we practised crossing a pretend road safely. 

Zoo Trip- 26/11/19

We had a great time at the Zoo. We saw lots of animals and enjoyed our visit to see Father Christmas.

Launching Rockets! 13/11/2019

After making our space rockets, today we put them to the test. Our challenge was to see how far they travelled and then how high they could go. We had some very powerful rockets and lots of very excited children! 
Today we made our own space rockets using a variety of different materials. Once they are dry we are going to launch them to see how high and far they travel.

Space pictures- 05/11/2019

As part of our Art and Topic work, we used the oil pastels to create our own space pictures. We thought very carefully about what planets we were going to draw and what colours we needed.

Our new topic- Space! 30/10/2019

Our new topic for this half term is Space. These children were very inspired by our new topic and decided to draw pictures and research information by looking at books, in their own time. We are looking forward to seeing where our topic takes us!

Phonics: Initial sounds bingo- 01/10/2019

Today we played bingo in phonics whilst practising our initial sounds. We were all very excited to shout 'bingo' when our board was complete. A great session, well done everyone!

Mud Kitchen Fun! 30/09/2019

One of our favourite activities is exploring the mud kitchen with our friends. We love mixing lots of mud and water together to make lots of different things!

We love dressing up! 24/09/2019

One of our favourite things to do at the moment is dress up and don't we look great! Here is just a snapshot of some of us dressed up inside!

Our first visit to the Library-18/09/2019

We visited the School Library today. We had the opportunity to look at a range of fiction and non-fiction books with our friends. 

Parachute Fun- 13/09/2019

Today we had lots of fun playing lots of different games with the parachute. We used our listening skills to follow the instructions that were given to us. What a fun morning!

Having fun with our buddies! 06/09/2019

Today had lots of fun playing outside with our buddies. We were busy exploring all the new play equipment and playing some great games with our buddies. What an exciting morning!