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'I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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Welcome to Ladybird class!


Welcome to our page! In Reception we love to be busy and creative in many different ways! We love exploring and investigating both the indoor and outdoor environment. We also enjoy working and playing together with our friends and love to be set a challenge! We always have lots of fun and love to share our learning with others. Below are some of the things that we have recently been doing.


Parents Guide to Learning and Development 0-5 years

On Monday 11th July we visited Highwoods Country park. In the morning we did some den building and then we went pond dipping. After lunch we went and had a play in the adventure play park which was great fun! :)

Making boats- 05/07/2016

In Science we have been learning about floating and sinking. We decided to design and make our own boats, thinking carefully about the materials that we used. Once we had made our boats we then tested them on the water to see if they would float. We worked in pairs and are pleased to say that all of our boats floated on the water! Well done everyone, great teamwork!

Forest School- Week 3 26/06/2016

This week we had great fun building a cuckoo's nest in our groups. We found lots of different things from around the Forest, to help us build our cuckoo nests. Muddy but great fun was had by all!
This week at Forest Schools we started off by playing a game 'meet a tree'. We then did some tree rubbings and made our very own stick bird!  Our challenge was to find lots of different things in the Forest that the bird would like to take on holiday with them.  At snack time today we got to sample some Elderflower juice that Clair had made. Another great session, well done Reception! :)

Forest Schools- Week one 10/06/2016

Today we had our first of six sessions of Forest Schools with Mrs Rochester. We were very lucky with the weather and had a wonderful time enjoying the Forest. We went on a hunt to look for interesting things that are in the Forest!  We then made our name badgers and a crown each. A fun filled morning was had by all!

Visit from Farmer Brian- 23/05/2016

Today we were lucky to have Farmer Brian come to visit us. He came and spoke to us about all of his animals that he has on his Farm. We enjoyed looking at the photos of the animals and we got to hold the different types of food that the animals eat. Thank you Farmer Brian we enjoyed learning all about your Farm!

Magical music in the BFG- 19/05/16

We took advantage of the good weather today and got musical in the BFG with Mrs Skinner! We explored the garden to find natural materials we thought would make good instruments. We tested them out and then used them to accompany our singing. We got very excited and had a fantastic time. Thank you Mrs Skinner. 😃

Hockey Coaching- 18/05/2016

We were very lucky to have Emma, a hockey coach, share some of her skills with the children in Class R. She has shown us how to hold our sticks safely and taught us some skills which include trapping the ball, dribbling with the ball and kiss pushing the ball to pass to another person. We tried very hard to master some of these skills and to remember to use the flat side of our hockey stick! Once we had got to grips with some of this we enjoyed a team game to steal eggs from the giant nest and take them back to our team. We had to listen hard to the rules and had a chance to try out our dribbling and passing shots. We got very excited and really enjoyed the game! Thank you Emma we had lots of fun!

Dentist Visit- 26/04/2016

Today we had a visit from the Dentist. She showed us how we should brush our teeth properly and taught us two new songs, about how to look after our teeth. We then had a go at playing Dentists. Charlotte was the Dentist, Scarlet was the Nurse and Ned was our fantastic patient! The dentist also spoke to us about eating healthy foods and avoiding food and drink which are high in sugar. Great listening Reception!

Outdoor Music- 25/04/2016

We love doing music each week with Mrs Skinner! This week we enjoyed singing and creating music in the garden! :)

Goldilocks and The Three Bears- Making Porridge! 22/04/2016

This week in Literacy we have been learning to write instructions! To help us with this we read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and made our own Porridge! We had great fun making it and enjoyed tasting it too! While we were tasting our porridge, our task was to think of lots of descriptive words to describe what our porridge tasted like.  After we had tasted our porridge we then created our own instruction booklet. We wrote step by step instructions about how to make porridge and a list of what ingredients and equipment that we used. Fantastic instruction writing from everyone, well done Reception!

PE- Tennis Skills 14/04/16

The children have been practising their tennis skills this week. We are getting very good at controlling our tennis balls and using the tennis rackets safely!

We went to the Church to learn about and listen to the Easter Story. At the end of the session we were each given a hot cross bun, which was very tasty!

On Friday 18th March we went to visit the animals at Old Hall. We had a fantastic morning feeding and learning about the different animals.

World Book Day- 03/03-2016

Come and read! 26/02/16

Today we had our first 'Come and read' session. We had a great time sharing stories with our parents, teachers and friends.  Thank you to all the parents who attended, we look forward to seeing you again next week!
Today we visited Tesco and took part in 'Farm to Fork'.  We all learnt lots about where our food comes from and how it is made. Firstly we visited the bakery and we learnt how bread is made. We looked at all the different types of machinery and asked lots of questions! Next we went to the cheese counter, where we had the opportunity to taste lots of different cheeses! After that we visited the fishmongers and then the fruit and vegetable department. We all had a great time and especially enjoyed the ride on the coach!

Bassistry Arts- 10/02/16

We all had a great time doing Bassistry Arts this week. As a class we learnt an animal song with lots of actions and enjoyed exploring the drums!

PE- Gymnastics 28/01/16

We have begun our gymnastics topic by practising and developing our balance skills in different ways. We have also been exploring how to use our body to travel in different ways. We have practised travelling across the equipment at different heights, safely and carefully.

SERV- Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers Service visit


Today we were really lucky to meet Clive and Paul, who are volunteer blood runners. They deliver blood

and platelets from the blood bank to local hospitals. They also deliver baby milk for premature babies and transport this between hospitals. They can work anytime from 7pm- 6am so not many people are aware of what they do. Clive and Paul came and showed us their own bikes one was a BMW bike and one was a Honda bike. Clive and Paul shared with us about what they do and then we all had the opportunity to sit on their bikes. This was great fun and we learnt all about the bikes and the different controls, sounds and lights that it had! We all learnt a lot from this visit and it fits in nicely with our new topic 'People who help us'. A great start to our topic! Thank you Clive and Paul for giving up your time to come and speak to us.

Below are some photographs of their visit.

SERV- Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers Visit (10/11/2015)