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'I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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                        Welcome to Ladybird Class!

  Reception- Miss Carr                   

Welcome to our page! In Reception we love to play and explore in both the indoor and outdoor environment. We have great fun and are always up for a new challenge! Please keep checking our page to see some of the exciting activities that we do!

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Homework for the Summer term 2018

How can we look after our environment? 15/05/2018

We have been learning about our environment and all the different things that we can do to help look it. To demonstrate this we decided to make posters to share our knowledge with everyone else. Here are just a sample of our posters that we made, the rest have their pride of place in the key stage one corridor.
This morning we had a great time at Old Hall Farm. To begin with we went to stroke the pigs which was great fun. We then went to visit the lambs and enjoyed trying to catch them around their pen! Next we saw the Turkey and had fun feeding the chickens too. After this we went to visit the cows and tried to spot the baby calf. Lastly we had snack which went down very well! Thank you everyone for a great school trip you were all so well behaved and made me very proud!

Maths- Exploring capacity 26/03/2018

Today in Maths we were exploring capacity and the mathematical terms of 'full, half full and empty'. The children had the opportunity to explore this in different ways by using various objects and then they went outside to use sand and water. Well done everyone a great practical Maths session!

RE- Palm Sunday 26/03/2018

This week in our RE session we were exploring Palm Sunday. To start with we shared the story of Palm Sunday and then watched a small video as well. We then had a go at making our own palm leaves. This was very tricky as we had to cut the palm leaf out and then cut along the small lines on the leaf! Well done everyone for your concentration and perseverance with cutting out your leaf. It wasn't easy, but you all used the scissors carefully and safely to make great palm leaves. To finish the session we had a mini celebration of Palm Sunday using our own palm leaves!

World Book Day- 08/03/2018

We had great fun dressing up for World Book Day. Have a look at our fantastic costumes!

Share afternoon- 05/03/2018

We had a great afternoon welcoming some of our parents into the class. Here we are having lots of fun engaging with a wide range of activities.

Our new play equipment! 22/02/2018

We were very excited to use our new play equipment for the first time! Here we are with some of our new pieces of equipment.
Today we have enjoyed having Bassistry Arts come and work with us. We found the beat in a song, changed the tempo and acted out a story using music. What great fun!

Sorting healthy/unhealthy foods- 12/01/2018

As part of our PSHE lesson we were thinking of lots of healthy foods. Our challenge was to sort lots of different food types into two groups, healthy or unhealthy. Well done everyone, great sorting!

Den building- 09/01/2018

Some of the children have been really interested in den building. Here are some photos of their latest den. What is lovely to see is the children working together, sharing resources and communicating their ideas with each other. Great work everyone!

Christmas activities with our buddies- 18/12/2017

We enjoyed spending the afternoon with our buddies. They helped us to write a letter to Father Christmas and to design our own Christmas jumpers! To finish off we made Christmas tree decorations to take home. 

Den building- 05/12/2017

Today the children took part in our den building activity. Their challenge was to work together as a team in order to build a den. They communicated well and had lots of fun playing together in the den! Well done everyone, great teamwork!
Part two of our trip to the Zoo was taking part in the penguin experience. We met Buster the Elf and some of the penguins that live at the Zoo. As a special treat at the end, we got to meet Father Christmas and he kindly gave us all a present. We even had a picture taken with Father Christmas and Buster the Elf too! What a great day!
Today we went on our first school trip to Colchester Zoo! We had a great day and saw lots of different animals. Some of our favourites times was having lunch and a ride on the coach!

Reading stars! 23/11/2017

We are getting very good at reading in Reception. Today we enjoyed playing a game which involved us reading a simple caption and then finding the correct picture. 

Family assembly- 22/11/2017

Today was our first family assembly to our parents and the year six buddies. I was very proud of all the children, you all did a fantastic job. Well done Reception!

Arts and crafts in the garden- 21/11/2017

We got creative in the garden today and used pieces of fabric, glue and scissors to make pictures. We enjoyed working alongside our friends and some of us used the large strip of paper and did a joint picture. We noticed that it was quite tricky to cut the fabric but we kept trying hard and with a little help managed in the end. Our pictures are drying at the moment and we are looking forward to taking them home to share with our family.

Children in Need 2017

More fun on the tablets! 13/11/2017

The children in Reception are great at using the tablets! We have enjoyed using the tablets to play a range of different phonics and maths games. Well done everyone!

Story sequencing- 07/11/2017

In Literacy we read the story of 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. The children's task was to work together in order to sequence the story. They each had a picture which represented a different part of the story and took it in turns, to stick their picture in the order of the story. As a group they sequenced the story together and could remember what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story. Great teamwork everyone, well done!

Gym trail fun! 02/11/2017

This afternoon we took the children on the gym trail equipment. For some children, it was their first time using the equipment and they all did a great job. We had to use our skills in climbing, balancing as well as taking turns with each other! What a great afternoon and so much fun!

Gardening- 19/10/2017

We have enjoyed doing lots of gardening this half term. We have been busy watering and planting new plants for our garden.

2D shapes- 17/10/2017

Today in Maths we have been learning about 2D shapes. Our challenge today was to draw around as many different 2D shapes as we could. Well done everyone!

A bridge to be proud of! 15/10/2017

The boys worked together as a team in order to create this fantastic bridge! Well done boys, what great teamwork!

RE- Special people 12/10/17

As part of our RE work, we had a go at drawing people who were special to us. Once we had finished we shared them with our friends and then placed them in our special boxes. 

Road Safety- 02/10/2017

Today we were very lucky to have the opportunity to work with the Year 6 Road Safety Officers. They came to talk to us about road safety and then helped us to practise, crossing the road safely. 

Tablet fun! 29/09/2017

Today we used the school tablets for the first time. The children used a paint programme and enjoyed selecting different colours to make lots of lovely patterns. Some of them even practised writing thier name and even some numbers too!

Come and see the fun we have had so far! 28/09/2017

We have had a great start to our Reception year. We love to get messy and work together with our friends. Here are a few snapshots of some of the fun activities we have been doing!