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'I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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Year 2

Year 2 - Hedgehog Class - Mrs Bowman      


Welcome to Year 2's class website page. Here we will be sharing some of the activities and learning we are doing in our class.  This half term our topic is 'Famous People'. Make sure you keep checking our page to see what we are up to.

Summer term 2017 newsletter

10.07.2017 - We came 2nd at the Tendring Show with this Bug Hotel that we created!

Maths - 07.07.2017

We completed a travel survey of the vehicles that pass our school. After collecting our data we created a graph and answered questions using the information we had collected

23.06.2017 - Problem Solving with Shapes

In maths we have been looking at finding all possibilities to solve a problem. Our task was to create as many different shapes using only 3 and then 4 equilateral triangles. Here are some of the possibilities we found.

12.06.2017 - Save the Rhino Letters

When learning about Africa, the children were interested to find out more about endangered animal species. We found out lots of information about rhinos and decided to write our own persuasive letters to encourage people to support rhino charities. Our letters were so good that we sent them  to 'Save the Rhino' charity to show them. To our surprise we received a response from the charity who were very impressed with our knowledge and learning. Here are a few examples of our letters and the response we received.

A busy share morning - 09.06.2017

All Star Cricket Coaching - 05.05.2017

Beans! 04.05.2017

In English, we have been exploring traditional African stories about a half man, half spider called Anansi. We really enjoyed one of the stories called 'Anansi and the pot of beans'. From this we created a set of instructions on how to grow beans and have planted some of our own to grow in our classroom.

Enjoying Red Nose Day!

Class trip to 'The Museum of East Anglian Life' - 23.03.2017

Today, we went to the Museum of East Anglian Life to learn more about the ways in which people used to live. This was to support our topic work in school. We had a great day exploring the museum and found out lots of new information. Throughout the day we explored artefacts from the past and even had a lesson in a Victorian classroom with a Victorian Headmaster!

2017 SATs Guide for Parents

Having fun on SHARE afternoon!

World Book Day!

Y2 Spring newsletter

22.02.2017 - Puppet Making and football


On Wednesday half of our class took part in an outside football tournament (pictures to follow). The rest of us made puppets and learnt some basic sewing skills. It was a bit tricky to start with but we all managed to sew and decorate our very own hand puppets. We hope you like them!

26.01.2017 - PE- We have been travelling and balancing in different ways using the equipment.

Science Investigation- 19.01.2017

In Science, we have been exploring materials. This week we investigated the absorbency of different types of paper. Our experiment used blue paper towels, tissue, paper, sugar paper and kitchen roll.  We measured out 3ml of water and tested how many squares of paper we  would need to absorb it all. We discovered that kitchen roll was the most absorbent.

Dentist Visit - 11.01.2017

We had a visit from a dentist to talk to us about caring for our teeth. We discussed how important it was to look after them and how to brush them properly. Finally we looked at what happens to our teeth if we do not look after them and compared the amount of sugar in different drinks. Some of them really surprised us!

Maths games - 12.01.2017

In maths we have been using the tablets to practice and apply our place value skills.

We are proud of the Y2 Narrators!

Christmas lunch

02.12.2016 - Forest School, week 6

This was our last week at forest school. We have really enjoyed learning in the woods and trying out some new activities. This week we played different games at our trees and had a final bonfire. We loved cooking and eating marshmallows and popcorn. Thanks to Claire for planning and preparing the past 6 weeks and thank you to the parents and adults which have helped along the way.

25.11.2016 - Forest Schools, Week 5

This week we started off our session by playing a game called 'Forest Fire'. We then went to base camp where we learnt how to use a compass. We used the compass to find different treasures. Finally we made tree decorations using the resources around us.

18.11.2016- Forest Schools, week 4

This week we started off our session by playing leaf bingo. We have got much better at identifying the correct leaves. We then made our own crowns out of dogwood and decorated them with leaves.

17.11.2016  Visit from Kimmy's Zoo


Today we had a visit from Kimmy's Zoo, who bought some of their animals into school. We got to learn lots of facts about these animals and we were able to touch and hold them. The animals we saw included:

  • Chameleon
  • Praying Mantis
  • Pygmy Hedgehog
  • African Land Snail
  • Boa Constrictor
  • Australian Tree Frog
  • Skunk
  • Meerkats

11.11.2016 - Forest Schools - Week 3


This week at Forest School we played some team games and we took time to notice the changes in the environment around us. In our tree groups, we created flags out of the resources available from our tree. At the end of the session Claire made us some hot chocolate and popcorn on the fire.

04.11.2016 - Forest Schools - Week 2


On our way to forest schools, we collected sweet chestnuts to roast on the fire.  When we got to base camp Claire lit the fire and talked us through the process. We then created our own mini fires in our groups which our adults lit. Later on we created our own edible conkers which were delicious!

18.10.2016 - Bread Making

Today we followed instructions to make bread. We followed the instructions carefully and shaped our rolls into some creative shapes! This week we will be using our knowledge of bread making to create our own written recipe for the Bakery in Pudding Lane.

17.10.2016 - Designing, making and evaluating our Tudor Houses

14.10.2016 - Forest schools, session 1

We had great fun at forest schools on Friday. We learnt how to make a campfire and created pictures using natural resources around us. At the end we finished off with some popcorn that had been cooked on the fire.

20.09.16 - Science - We have been exploring electrical circuits by trying to make our bulb light up.

Charcoal Tudor Houses - 16.06.2016

We looked at the design of Tudor houses in our current topic 'Fire! Fire!'. Each of us created our own Tudor house using charcoal to recreate the streets of London during 1666.

Maths - 12.09 and 15.09

In Maths, we have been working together to find different possibilities of sorting. We tried to find every possible outcome and recorded the possibilities. We also went outside to create number bond sentences using the children in our class.