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Today you need to complete the following:

  • Maths Minutes (Flashback Week 6 Day 5)
  • Maths Lesson 5: Consolidate line graphs
  • Break
  • Spelling: Test
  • English: Complete personal narrative
  • Lunch
  • Read for 30 minutes
  • Art: Sculpture  
  • Times Tables Rock Stars (Garage and Sound Check)
  • 60 minutes of physical exercise 




No video today...this consolidation pack repeats the work we have covered on pictograms, bar charts and line graphs this week.  :)


Instructions for today:


· Open the FIRST PDF file in the link below.


· Read each question carefully and answer the question. 


· Work for approximately 50 minutes and see how far you get through the questions. 


· Mark your work (the answers are printed in red on the final page of the document). 


· All the questions are at the expected level for Year 4.  :)




Please select an activity that you want to do from the Sculpture group.  My favourites are 'Make Some Twisty Words' and 'Build Your Own House'.


Make sure that you read about the artist who inspired the activity before you have a go yourself.  :)