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East Bergholt CEVC Primary School

'I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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Year 5

21/7/16 Year 5 enjoyed a practical Maths lesson learning about capacity on the hottest day of the year so far!

15/7/16 Year 5 visited East Bergholt High School to learn about Bastille Day; it was great fun

Book list for summer reading for Year 5

24/6/16 Year 5 pupils develop sports journalism skills

Playing the clarinet at Dance East

16/6/16 Haiku poems inspired by the myth 'Beowulf'

9/6/16 Year 5 Families Celebrate the Queen's Birthday Together

27/5/16 Two teams from Year 5 competed in the Colchester Tag-Rugby Tournament

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22/5/16 Emma Rhodes from Ipswich Hockey Club put Year 5 through their paces this week!

3/5/16 Year 5 organised and ran a book sale to raise money for library books; they raised over £240.00. WELL DONE

15/4/16 Visit to Pipers Vale Gymnastics Centre

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21/3/16 Experience Easter at the Church

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9/3/16 ISing: Bringing schools, churches and communities together

4/3/16 Homework Help: Instructions for polystyrene print using layers of different colours

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26/2/16 More Football with Rosie

12/2/16 Bassistry Arts Visit

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Bassistry Arts inspired us to dance, sing and play. Some of the rhythms, especially the Samba, were really hard to play. We performed our song and dance to the rest of the school in the afternoon. The photographs are testament to how much we enjoyed the experience.

4/2/16 Working together to understand scientific principles

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For the first time, we worked in boy / girl pairs. We had to work with our partner to achieve the task; it was fun and we discovered that the people we worked with were actually quite similar to us.

30/1/16 County Football Finals: First Place

30/1/16 We enjoyed 'Golden Time' on Monday

14/1/16 Year 5 art work inspired by Georgia O' Keeffe

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8/1/16 Please enjoy the final draft of our stories. Are you sitting comfortably?

10/12/15 We are learning to edit and improve our work


10/ 12/15 Extracts of pupils' creative writing from this week:


"Alice Brent was the new girl, she had long red hair, blue eyes, a freckled nose and a perfect smile.  The golden summer sun, peeped through the window at the desk of the working children.  Suddenly, the bell in the hall let out an ear-piercing ring and a herd of children stampeded down the corridors like elephants."  Written by Kitty


'Lights and colours flashed, and noise was blocked out.  Salim opened his mouth to scream but before he could generate any sound he felt the air being knocked out of him.  There he lay, shrunken, still and staring into space.  Towering above him, the conspicuous lady stared down on him, her eyes balls of fire, melting him to nothing.'  Written by Emma


NP: As the children in Year 5 mature, they will begin to show  an increasing wisdom and awareness of life in their writing; as you can see below one pupil has started to wrestle with the tricky subject of death in his narrative.


"Salim's funeral was a depressing day for Ted and Kat.  They watched their cousin being buried in shame.  The candle, dripping wet wax in their hearts was blown out, no more would they ride the Eye; the memories were too tragic.  Everyday, after that, they visited his grave, remembering that whatever Salim was put through, he came out the hero, vanquished, as he made the ultimate sacrifice to save his cousins." Written by Toby






27/11/15 Tag Rugby Tournament

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The Year 5 Tag Rugby Team excelled at the Tag Rugby Tournament winning the whole competition outright (as predicted by Mrs Parton); they now progress through to the regional competition (date to be confirmed).

23/11/15 'Sing Up' Suffolk with Dominic Peckham

6/11/15 A Visit from Chelsea Football Club

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The weather could not dampen our spirits or enthusiasm when we trained with two coaches from Chelsea Football Club today.