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'I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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                                                               Welcome to Ladybird Class!

                             Reception- Miss Carr                                                                 

Welcome to our class page! In Reception we love to learn by playing and exploring in both the indoor and outdoor environment. We have great fun and are always ready for a new challenge! Please keep checking our page to see some of the many exciting activities that we do and for general information about our class. 

Making Cress-08/07/2019

As part of our topic work we grew our own cress. We learnt about what plants need to help them grow and were very excited when the cress started to grow!
This week at Forest School we enjoyed going on a mini beast hunt and then we made our favourite mini beast out of clay.
Today we enjoyed our first session at Forest Schools. We had lots of fun and enjoyed exploring the Forest!

Topic: Zoo pictures-11/06/2019

As part of our topic work, we designed our own Zoo by cutting and sticking different animals. We thought very carefully about what animals we wanted in our Zoo and we created some great Zoo pictures!

African Textile Art- 06/06/2019

We enjoyed learning about different pieces of African Art. Today we designed our own African patterns on a piece of a fabric, with a thickened lemon juice paste. We had a fantastic afternoon and enjoyed painting in a different way!

RE: Prayer mats- 21/05/2019

In RE we have been learning about the religion Islam. This week we looked at prayer mats and how they are used by Muslims. We looked at lots of different prayer mats and then designed some of our own. 

Maths- Finding half- 30/04/2019

In Maths we have been busy finding half of objects, playdough and shapes. Here are a few pictures of us exploring half in different ways.
Today we enjoyed our visit to Old Hall. We saw lots of different animals including: pigs, chickens, turkeys, cows, sheep and baby lambs. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to bottle feed the lambs and have a cuddle with them too! 

RE: Easter Pictures- 28/03/2019

We have been busy learning about the Easter story. To represent our learning we created our own Easter pictures. Have a look at our fantastic work!
Today the chicks came to spend the morning in Reception. We had a great time looking after them and we all enjoyed holding them. Have a look at us look at our lovely pictures.
We had great fun dressing up as our favourite characters from different stories. Here we are in our fantastic costumes!

Binocular fun! 06/03/2019

This week some of us having enjoyed using the binoculars to spot different things around us. Bird watching is very popular at the moment!

Gardening fun! 26/02/2019

We have enjoyed doing lots of gardening this week. We planted some new plants and have enjoyed looking after them. 

Clay African Animals- 29/01/2019

As part of our topic work we made African animals out of clay. We thought very carefully about the design and shape of the animals and we were very pleased with the end results!

Excited by Ice! 21/01/2019

We were very excited to find lots of ice in our garden today! We enjoyed hunting for ice all around the garden and then challenge was who could find the biggest piece of ice. What great fun we had on a frosty Monday morning!


PSHE: Designing our own healthy lunchboxes- 19/01/2019

Following on from our PSHE work last week of sorting healthy and unhealthy foods, this week we made our own healthy lunchboxes. We had a discussion about healthy/unhealthy foods and then the children's task was to create their own healthy lunchbox. This activity worked on the children's fine motor and scissor skills as they had to cut and stick different foods into their lunchboxes. Well done everybody!

PE: Gymnastics 16/01/2019

In PE we started our gymnastics unit of work and we were practising, balancing our bodies in different ways. Our challenge was to see how long we could balance for and then try balancing at different heights. At the end of the session we enjoyed practising balancing with a partner.

A Visit to the Library- 11/01/2019

Today we visited the School Library. The children had the opportunity to choose a range of different books and could either read by themselves or with a friend. It was great to see some children choose fiction stories, whilst others took an interest in the non-fiction texts. I also spotted different children taking on a role of being 'Teacher' and reading to their peers. To finish off our session in the Library, I read a story to the children, where we met the Library bears. They enjoyed listening to our story too! What a lovely session everyone, I'm already looking forward to our visit again next week!

Maths- Repeating Patterns- 10/01/2019

In Maths this week we have been learning about repeating patterns. We then had a go at making our own repeating patterns using two or three colours and objects, with a range of different resources.
Today our Junior Road Safety Officers in year six, helped us to learn and practise how to cross the road safely.
We had a great first school trip to Colchester Zoo. Firstly we met Father Christmas and his Elf helper who introduced us to his penguin friends. We then had a walk to see lots of different animals, lunch and a train ride. A great day and lots of fun was had by all!

RE- Special boxes 20/11/2018

We are very proud of our special boxes. Our boxes stay in the classroom and they have lots of pictures of people or pets who are special to us.

Children in Need- 16/11/2018

Outdoor activities- 13/11/2018

We love to play and learn in the outdoor environment. Here is just a snapshot of some of the things we love to do! Role-playing, dressing up, painting and building!


Today we enjoyed using the tablets for the first time. We used a paint programme and the children had to carefully select what colours they wanted to use and what size paintbrush they wanted. There was some great pictures produced and some children, even decided to practise writing their name! Well done everybody.

RE- Special boxes 10/10/2018

As part of our RE work we made our very own special boxes. The children decorated them how they wanted and now we are waiting for them to dry, so we can put lots of special things inside them!

Artists in the making! 09/10/2018

We enjoyed exploring colour and paint today. The children created their own pictures, selecting their colours carefully.

Story reading and writing with our buddies- 01/10/2018

We enjoyed spending time with our buddies. Firstly we shared a story together and then they helped us to create our own stories to take home. Thank you buddies, we had a great time!

Gardening fun! 17/09/2018

A group of children helped with some gardening today. They were very busy planting a new planter with pansies. Next the children checked the other plants to look for seed pods and then they picked them. Last but not least, everyone helped to water the garden. What a great job you all did. Keep up the good work our garden is looking full of colour and fantastic!
We have had lots of fun in the first few days of School. We have been busy exploring both the indoor and outdoor environment and making lots of new friends.