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Welcome to another week of Home Learning.  We are really impressed with all of the work and activities that you are uploading for us to see - WELL DONE EVERYONE!


On the website I will upload the planning sheet for this week.  Whenever I need you to listen to a chapter from our class novel, I will record myself reading it and will upload that onto Class Dojo.  I will also put a copy of each chapter here on the website. 


Your maths this week is multiplying and dividing fractions.  Watch the video clips really carefully because they will give you step to step instructions on answering the questions.  When you have completed the activity, look at the answers and then mark your maths yourself, or ask someone at home to mark for you.


The afternoon lessons can be uploaded as a written piece of information or you can video yourself and upload the videos - We love seeing videos of you explaining your learning.


Have a great week everyone - stay safe. 


Mr Jackson wink

Learning Plan for Week 4 - Monday 11th - Friday 15th May 2020

Here are all of your lessons for this coming week - Read each lesson carefully and try your best with each subject.

Maths - Week 4

When I clicked on the link on the maths planning this morning, there weren't any activities or answers so I have uploaded them here.  You can watch the videos on the links and then download the activities and answers here.  This week, you will be multiplying and dividing fractions.  Watch the videos really carefully for advice and help.  If you have any questions, don't forget to ask Mrs Baker and me on Class Dojo.


Fluent in 5

Have a go at the Fluent in 5 calculations.  I have uploaded the whole document for you here.  Take one section at a time and keep those calculation skills sharp! wink


Friday 15th May - Maths Challenge

I will upload the Friday 15th Maths Challenge on the website on Thursday 14th May.

SPaG - Friday 15th May 2020

Your SPaG this week is a quick assessment in order to keep your skills sharp.  Have a go at each question and then mark your answers to see how you did.


English - Floodland - Chapter 3

Here is the third chapter of Floodland.  I have uploaded the chapter onto Class Dojo for you to listen to.


Wednesday 13th May - English - Chapter 4

Here is Chapter 4 of our class novel.  You can hear me read it on Class Dojo and/or you can read it yourself here.


English - Floodland - Chapter 5

Here is Chapter 5 of Floodland.  I have also recorded myself reading it on Class Dojo.

Friday Maths Challenge - Friday 15th May

Have a go at some of these maths problems.  These problems are meant for children up to the age of 15 years old, so don't worry if you can't solve them all.  The answers will be online tomorrow, so I'll look out for those and will put them on Class Dojo.