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'I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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Year 1

Welcome to Year One - Badger class

 Miss Scott

In Year One we love investigating and learning new things! We really enjoy taking our learning both inside and outside of the classroom and are always willing to accept a challenge with a positive mind-set. Take a look at some of our fantastic learning.

Summer term 2017 newsletter

Key Stage 1 sports afternoon

Today the whole of Key Stage 1 and Early Years have enjoyed a sports afternoon run by the Year 6's. They set up some fantastic activities for all of the children to enjoy. Take a look at some of us in action!

Jimmy's Farm (04-07-2017)

Today we have enjoyed a trip to see the farmyard animals at Jimmy's Farm. During the morning we had a fantastic time exploring pygmy goats, sheep, meerkats, guinea pigs and baby rabbits as well as a wide variety of pigs! Lots of us loved getting up close and personal with the different animals. we were able to stroke and feed lots of the farm animals whilst we discussed the unique adaptations the animals had to suit how they like to live. After we had a quick break and some lunch we were back out to explore the butterfly house. We spoke about the life cycle of a butterfly and looked for the various stages once inside. The children were fascinated by all the different types of butterfly they could spot all at different stages of their life. We then spent some time in the woodland area creating our own dens to fit a purpose (which ranged from houses to music lounges!).

Marvellous medicine (30-06-2017)

Throughout the half term we have been reading 'George's Marvellous Medicine' as a whole class. The children have really enjoyed the text so today we used our knowledge of measurements and made our own marvellous medicines. The children were very adventurous, adding in boiled grass, peppermint mouthwash and even mashed blueberries! As a group we decided not to test these marvellous medicines on ourselves because we thought Mrs Mitchell might not appreciate having very tall children and a hole in the roof (if they were anything like the ones in the story).

Forest school - Session 4 (21-06-2017)

Today in forest school we have been creating our own camps. We first had to go on a scavenger hunt to see if we could find the pegs and cover before finding an area we thought would be a good spot to set up our camps. Here are some of the finished results!

Forest School - Session 3 (14-06-2017)

Today in our third session of forest school we have been exploring water. We created our own boats using the resources we could find and then tested them to see if they would float. We also had the chance to create our own water tunnels and had to use our problem solving skills to find the best way to get water in the dish. We have had another fantastic visit to the forest and a great time was had by all!

Parent Share (09-06-2017)

Forest School - Session 2 (24-05-2017)

Today in our second session of Forest School we have been problem solving. We had a fantastic time making stable bridges, potions and perfumes, micro habitats and even dens. We had a brilliant time exploring and creating!  Miss Scott even helped us to test our den to see if it was waterproof!!

Forest School (17-05-2017)

Road Safety with Year 6 (16-05-2017)

Today we were lucky enough to have the year 6’s come to teach us a little bit about road safety. We listened carefully to some ‘top tips’ on how we can make sure we are crossing the road safely before going out in small groups to give our learning a try. We also completed some fun road safety activity sheets about how we could make sure we would be seen at night time. We had a fantastic time and learnt a lot.

Maths (05-05-2017)

Today we have been continuing our learning using the Cuisenaire rods. We have been having great fun exploring and writing our own equations. Take a look at our fun!

Mini beasts (19-04-2017)

Today we have been busy in the BFG area looking for micro habitats. We had a great time finding a range of mini-beasts and sketching them.

Easter (28-03-2017)

Today we have been talking about the meaning of Easter with Rev. Steph. We discussed what we could remember of the Easter story and then spoke about the meaning behind why we celebrate it.

East Anglian Museum of Life (23-03-2017)

Today we have had a great time at the East Anglian Museum of Life. We were really interested to learn about the ways Victorians lived following on from our topic of How We Used To Live. We all had a fantastic time and particularly enjoyed being taught as the Victorian children would have been.

Enjoying Red Nose Day!

This morning we were very lucky to be invited to see the farm animals at Old Hall. We had a fantastic time and loved having cuddles with the lambs!

Having fun in SHARE afternoon

How we used to live (07-03-2017)

Today we have been learning about what Victorian children would do when they went to school as part of our 'How we used to live' topic. We had a great time finding out the similarities and differences between how we are taught and the Victorian children.

World Book Day (02-03-2017)

Today we have really enjoyed coming into school dressed as our favourite book characters and completing World Book Day activities.

Multiplication (28-01-2017)

Today in Maths we have been learning to create arrays to multiply. We learnt how to read a multiplication number sentence and then created our own arrays to solve them using Numicon with Miss Scott. We also had a great time outside with Mrs Farr creating arrays using hoops and beanbags.

Grammar (27-02-2017)

Today for our grammar session we have been learning about the prefix un. We went on a word hunt around the room and had to change the root words using the prefix. We really enjoyed searching for the different words.

Traditional tales (21-02-2017)

Today in English we have been learning about traditional tales. We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk together and then worked in small groups to complete a role-play. Above are some of our action shots during our performance to the rest of the class.

Sukkah booth (10-02-2017)

This afternoon we have been creating our own Sukkah booths as part of our RE learning.

Flapjacks (10-02-2017)

Today we have been using our knowledge of mass and reading scales to create some yummy treats. We have been having a fantastic time making Flapjacks, take a look at some of the results!

Instructions (20-01-2017)

Today we have been learning all about giving clear and detailed Instructions. We have been providing instructions for our partners so that they could complete set activities and had a great time instructing them on how to compete an assault course and draw naughty monsters.

Snow much fun! (13-01-2017)

The senses (11-01-2017)

Today we have been learning all about our senses. We had great fun exploring each of the 5 senses and describing them to one another.
Today we have been going on a word hunt. We have been learning all about the suffix ing. Take a look at some of our fantastic learning.

Nativity (13-12-2016)

Year One ready for the first of our Nativity performances this afternoon.

Constable artwork (09-12-2016)

Today we have been creating our own Constable paintings. We studied the work of John Constable and then created our own versions of his work.

Christmas lunch (08-12-2016)

Today we have been getting into the Christmas spirit. We made our own Santa and Elf hats ready for our Christmas lunch. We had a great time and thought our lunches were very yummy!

krispie trees (01-12-2016)

Today we have been busy getting ready for the Christmas Fair. We have had great fun making Krispie trees and have been inspired to write our own instructions.

Habitats (28-11-2016)

Today we have been learning about living things and their habitats. We looked at the different animals that live in certain areas. We identified what made them suited to living there and used our sorting skills to place the animals in the different habitats.
This morning we had some very exciting visitors in Year 1. We met lots of different animals and really enjoyed learning all about them. We loved getting up close and personal with each of the animals. take a look at some of our fun!

Year One share (14-11-2016)

On Monday we had our first class share afternoon. We completed activities linked to our current topic BritanniaWe LOVED having our family come in so that we could share our learning with them. 

Leaf Man (04-11-2016)

On Friday 4th November we were inspired by the story of the Leaf Man. We looked at the different creatures created using just leaves and made some of our own. We looked at the changing colours of the leaves and collected them for our artwork.

Maths (19-10-2016)

This week in Maths we have been learning about direction. We have really enjoyed going on a treasure hunt and helping our friends work their way through a maze by giving instructions using our direction knowledge. Take a look at some of our fun!

2D and 3D shapes (10-10-2016 until 14-10-2016)

We have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes this week in Badger class. We learnt about the features of each of the shapes and then went on our very own shape walk around the school. We had a great time identifying shapes.

Gardening (30-09-2016)

Today we have been planting flowers and bulbs in our outdoor area. We really enjoyed the gardening...especially getting our hands dirty!

Science-Electricity (26-09-2016)

In Science we have been learning about Electricity. We have really enjoyed exploring electricity and creating our own circuits.

Maths- Problem solving (23-09-2016)

In Maths we have been developing our reasoning skills using Cuisenaire. We have been set a range of challenges which we then have to try and solve using trial and error. We have really enjoyed using the Cuisenaire and completing the problem solving tasks.

Baking bread (14-09-2016)

Today we have been making bread as part of our Topic learning for the Great Fire of London. We have been learning about where the fire started and decided to try our hand at baking. Take a look at our yummy results!