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'I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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Year 1

Welcome to Year One - Badger class

Miss Scott

In Year One we love investigating and learning new things! We really enjoy exploring inside and outside of the classroom when learning and are always willing to accept a challenge with a positive mind-set. Take a look at some of our fantastic work!

George's Marvellous Medicine (26.06.2018)

Today we have been inspired by our previous class book 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. We worked in groups to create our own marvellous medicine using our careful measuring skills. We loved watching as different ingredients changed our mixture and shared what we thought it might do if someone were to try some.

Dentist visit (15.06.2018)

Today we have had a visit from a dental nurse. She taught us all about our teeth and how we can look after them. We estimated how much sugar was in some of our favourite food and drink and then showed us how much was in each.

Forest School - Session 4 (06.06.2018)

Forest School - Session 2 (11.05.2018)

Today during forest school we have been very busy! We have spent time using tools to create our own necklaces and decorating them. We have also continued to explore the area around forest school and have been tree climbing, den building and searching for insects.

Forest School - Session 1 (02.05.2018)

Today we had our first session of Forest School. The children were all very excited as it wasn't something they had done before. They had a fantastic time building dens, looking for insects and climbing trees. They now cannot wait for next week to do some more exploring!

Summer newsletter

Old Hall (23.04.2018)

Today we have been to Old Hall to visit the farm animals. We had a fantastic time seeing piglets, chickens, turkeys, and lambs. We really enjoyed our close encounters and finding out more about the animals.

Fruit Yoghurt (26.03.2018)

Today as part of circle time we designed and then made a healthy snack. Before we made our fruit yoghurt we learnt how yoghurt was made and then designed a brand name and packaging. Afterwards we took natural yoghurt and mixed it with some of our favourite fruit.  

Bergholt Book Day (08.03.2018)

Parent share (05.03.2018)

This afternoon we had our parent share session. Our grown ups joined us whilst we were learning about healthy eating. We had a great time creating our own fruit and vegetable world, sorting food, designing smoothies and creating healthy meals.

Fun in the snow! (27.02.2018)

Today we went and had some fun in the snow. We had a fantastic time creating snowmen, snow dogs, and even building igloos!

Materials (26.02.2018)

Today in Science we have been learning about materials. We have been using different materials to create our own 'Materialsaurus'. We had lots of fun making them and used some interesting vocabulary to describe what we had used.

Measuring (09.02.2018)

Today in Maths we have been making our own flapjacks through the use of our measuring skills. We each had to help to measure the correct amounts of ingredients so that we had the perfect mixture. We spoke about what the scales increased in and then identified the amount needed. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our tasty treats!

Astronaut pudding (31.01.2018)

Today as part of our learning we were investigating what it would be like to be astronauts in space. We then researched their day to day living and looked at the adaptations they have to make to suit living in a space station. We then made our own astronaut pudding. It was great fun but very messy! If you would like to have a try at making your own astronaut pudding at home please find the instructions attached in the file below.

Tennis Coaching (18.01.2018)

Today we have had our second session of tennis coaching. In this session we were looking at our throwing and catching skills. We learnt lots of new games and refined our skills but also had a lot of fun.  

Bassistry Arts (16.01.2018)

Today we have thoroughly enjoyed having Bassistry Arts  come and work with us. We found the beat in a song, changed the tempo and acted out a story using music. We all had a wonderful time and learnt lots as well.

Instructions (11.01.2018)

This week in English we have been learning about instructions and imperative (bossy) verbs. We practiced using imperative verbs to give verbal instructions on how to complete an obstacle course. We learnt a lot but also had a great time!

Tens and ones (09.01.2018)

Today in Maths we have been exploring place value. We have been creating our own two digit numbers using tens and ones in lots of different ways.

Spring newsletter 2018

Shadows (07.12.2017)

Today in Science we have been exploring light and shadows. We started by asking questions such as ‘what materials make the best shadows?’ and ‘How can we change the size of a shadow?’ We then tested a range of translucent, transparent and opaque materials and used what we had learnt in order make the best shadow puppets. Once our shadow puppets were made we used them to explore ways we could change shadows to make them bigger or smaller.

Christmas lunch (07.12.2017)

Today we have had a fantastic visit to the zoo. We thoroughly enjoyed our encounter with the penguins and helped the elf Noelle decide whether the penguins should help pull Father Christmas' sleigh this year. We were then lucky enough to meet Father Christmas who very kindly gave each of us a gift. We then had time to explore the zoo and saw lots of different animals including elephants, giraffes, rhinos, chimpanzees and many more!

Share afternoon (14.11.2017)

Today we had a share afternoon with our grownups. We loved having them in to see some of our learning about remembrance day.

Dance (04.11.2017)

We have been practicing some dance moves as part of our 'Talking Time' topic this half term. We have been enjoying moving to the Jackson 5. Take a look at some of our fun!

Children in Need 2017

Guy Fawkes (31.10.2017)

Today we have been detectives investigating the case of Guy Fawkes. We were set a challenge to see how much evidence we could explore and discuss. We were given lots of different activities which gave us clues about what Guy Fawkes had done. We enjoyed investigating and even managed to solve the case!

Directional language (17.10.2017)

This week in Maths we are learning about positional and directional language. Today we have been following directional instructions using language such as left, right, forwards, backwards, quarter turn, half term, three quarter turn so that we could find the hidden treasure.

Cuisenaire Rods (29.09.2017)

Today in Maths we have been using Cuisenaire rods to explore different ways to make the same length. We had lots of fun using the rods again and found lots of possibilities.

On Monday 25th September we were learning about plants in Science. We were identifying the different things plants need to grow and then planted our own Cress. We recorded instructions on how we planted our seeds.

Making bread (12.09.2017)

Today we have been baking bread for part of our learning in English. In the morning we wrote a detailed shopping list for Miss Scott so she could collect everything we needed to bake our bread. In the afternoon we were then able to get stuck in to making our bread and enjoyed getting messy. The bread turned out brilliantly and smelt delicious so much so that Mary Berry might soon have some competition!

Books! (08.09.2017)

Today we have been exploring lots of books in the Library. We really enjoyed listening to stories and sharing books with our friends.