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Week 13 - 07.12.18



We have been looking at the year 5 /6 spellings. 

We have been struggling with the double consonant words. 

Here are some of them learn;

1) accompany

2) aggressive

3) appreciate

4) recommend

5) communicate

6) necessary

7) sufficient

8) exaggerate

9) equipped

10) correspond



Please complete the attached mini test on tenses. 


You are all working so hard in maths and as you know, next week will be our last full week in school.  You will have the chance to show what you know this coming week by sitting some practice assessments in maths, so keep those skills sharp! 


Have a go at the homework which is attached - Remember BIDMAS! 



English Homework 07.12.18

Week 12 - 30.11.18


This week have a go at the Grammar test below. 




You have all worked so hard on our fractions unit during the last two weeks.  Have a go at these dividing fractions questions.  I have given some advice at the top of the sheet to help you to remember how to divide fractions.  Next week you will be sitting a practise test in arithmetic and reasoning so keep those skills sharp!!!

Week 11 - 23.11.18


Basic Skills

Keep working on those spelling and times table. Some of you would have realised as we get further in to our fractions unit that you need to know your times tables really well. If they are slowing you down please use times tables rock stars to help you practice in a fun way. If you would like further help in remembering or pattern spotting to help calculate the times tables quickly please see myself or Mr Jackson. We have loads of good ideas between us! 



For your homework this week, I would like you to write a paragraph based on the picture below. In your paragraph I would like you to describe it in as much detail as possible. Try to include a wide variety of punctuation including a semi colon. Lastly - remember to start your sentences in different ways. 



We have been really impressed with your work on multiplying fractions this week - Well donesmiley

Your homework in maths builds on everything you have been learning in class.  Have a go at these questions!



Picture 1

Week 10 - 16.11.18



As last week continue to learn those year 5 / 6 words on your list. Remember your yellow book with a few in that you weren't able to spell correctly in our test today. 



This week I would like you to complete the sheet on colons and semi colons. We needs to keep practicing using these so that we can include them in our narrative writing next week. 



We are very impressed with your work on fractions and your homework this week is to compare and order fractions.  Remember, the key thing here is to turn all the fractions into the same denominators; this will help you to order them quickly and easily.

Week 9 - 09.11.18



You will have a year 5 /6 spelling list in you homework book that shows which spellings you need to work on from that list. Learn these spellings please. I will be testing 10 of the year 5 / 6 words each week (at random). There are some children who are continuing to work on the year 3 /4 words. They know who they are and will have a copy of the words that they need to learn. 



In English this week we have been looking at the story of King Midas. You will be writing your own parody of this story in class this week. For your homework I would like you to write a short parody of a well known story. It could be a fairy tale such as the three little pigs, little red riding hood or any well-known story. Have fun and make it entertaining! smiley 



In Maths this week we have been studying fractions and your homework this week is to use the fraction sheet in order to find equivalent fractions.  Our unit of fractions will last a few weeks so please do not worry if you are finding the work a little bit hard at the moment.  Remember, you can ask for help during the lesson or at playtime and lunchtime.  Mrs Baker and I want you to love fractions by the end of this unit!!smiley


I have attached the answer sheet to this homework, so after you have completed the work, have a look at the answers and mark your work.

Week 8 - 02.11.2018



We are going to be having a huge focus on spelling this half term. Please look out for a copy of the year 3 /4 and year 5 / 6 spelling lists that will be coming home. These have been highlighted with the words that you need to be practicing. Look out for common spelling words as well. 


This week have a look at the spelling mat and complete the activities in your homework book. 



You all had experience of some SATs papers last week and I'm proud of the way you all really tried your best.  For maths homework this week, I have attached an arithmetic paper for you to have a go at.  Take your time, don't rush it and you can have a go at the whole paper at once or you can do a few questions each day.  Remember to really read each question carefully and to estimate the answer before you work out each question.

Week 7 - 18.10.18


WOW what a half term! 


Year 6 have been very busy. Have a great half term rest. 


All we ask is that you keep using Times Tables Rockstar to keep those times tables bubbling over and that you keep reading. 

We will be checking reading records on the first Monday back - don't forget to bring them in. 


Have a great break. 


Mrs Baker and Mr Jackson

Week 6 - 12.10.18



We will be having a test on all of our year 3/4 and year 5/6 words this week. 

Please look over the lists and revise a few in preparation - do NOT spend hours and hours learning all of them! 


We have been looking at hyphenated words this week. I would like you to write a paragraph using as many hyphenated words as possible. Try to make it funny! 

Please write this paragraph in your homework book. 


You have all been working really hard on your formal written methods for long multiplication and division over the last two weeks.  Try these Reasoning word problems and calculate the answers using the formal written methods.



Maths Homework - Week beginning Monday 15th October 2018

Week 5 - 05.10.2018

This week's spellings to be tested on Thursday 11th October












In maths this week, we have been looking at the formal written method for long division.  Have a go at these problems and see if you can calculate the answers.


For your English homework this week, I would like you to use the following picture to create a descriptive paragraph. Remember to choose your words carefully and think about varying your sentences. 

Image result for yellowstone national park

Week 4 - 28.09.2018

This week's spellings to be tested on Friday 5th October. 













For your English homework this week I would like you to have a go at the semi colon sheet below. Remember that a semi colon can be used to separate 2 independent clauses. 

Please write these sentences in your homework book. 


In maths on Friday we were looking at patterns in the times tables 3, 6 and 9. 

Can you write down 5, 4-digit numbers or larger that are multiples of 3, 6 or 9 and label which is which and how you know. 

E.G. 654 is a multiple of 3 because the digits 6 + 5 + 4 = 15 which is a multiple of 3. 

Week 3 - 21.09.18


This week's spellings to be tested on Friday 28th September:













For your English this week I would like you to edit the sentences on the document below. 

Please write your sentences in your homework book. Remember to look for spelling as well as punctuation errors. 


Please have a got at completing the missing subtraction problems. 

Remember to watch out for any regrouping (exchanging) that may be happening. 

Week 2  14.09.18

Remember to learn the different meanings for these homophones. 











English Homework

For your English homework this week I would like you to revise words classes. Verb, adjective, noun and adverb. Choose a page from your current reading book. Copy the table below into your homework book and find at least 6 examples of each type of work in your reading book. 

Which type of words appear more often? Can you think why? 


Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs





The link above may be a useful glossary for grammar homework. 

Maths Homework

Please click on the document below to see your maths homework - rounding this week!

Week 1 - 07.09.18

Just spellings and times tables this week. 

We will be doing a times tables test next week - get practicing! Remember you can use times tables rock stars to help. 


Spellings to be tested Friday 14th September 2018