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Week 2 w.b. 11.01.21

Thursday Flashback 4

Thursday's English

Thursday's Computing

Friday's Flashback 4

Monday 11th - Wednesday 13th January 2021


Hello Year 6, here are your Home Learning subjects for the first 3 days of this week:


Monday 11th:  Guided Reading, Maths, English, P.E. and Topic.

Tuesday 12th:  Guided Reading, Maths, English, Music and Topic.

Wednesday 13th:  Guided Reading, Maths, English, French and P.E.


You will find all activity worksheets and maths answers here.  You will also find videos to help you with certain subjects on Class Dojo.


I will post most of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's learning on Sunday 10th January.  I will also post videos and anything extra that is needed during my three days.


I know this is all a bit strange but you are a wonderful Year 6 and I know that you are all working really hard at home.  We all hope that it won't be too long before we can all see each other once again.

Monday 11th January


Guided Reading:  The Bronte Sisters - This will be our Guided Reading text for 3 days.

Today, I would like you to read through the piece of text and write down any unfamiliar words that you come across.

Then, use a dictionary (a paper, book type or use a suitable search engine) and find out the meanings of the unknown words.


Type this link into your search engine in order to read the text.  

English - Monday 11th January

Have a really good think and write down what you think Liam's Dad thinks about his son (Liam).  These will be your first thoughts.


Listen (on Class Dojo) as I read Chapter 6 of Cosmic.


Can you add any extra information to your first thoughts.

I am looking for explicit and implicit innformation here.  What does Mr Digby (Liam's Dad) really think of his son?

Maths - Monday 11th January

Maths for today is Dividing by 10/100/1000.


Start off by watching this video:


Watch the video really carefully and pause it as many times as you need to so that you really understand today's learning.


Then have a go at the activity.  I will also upload the answers here so that you can mark your own work before sending it in to me.

Maths Activity - 11th January 2021

P.E. Monday 11th January

If you can, join Joe Wicks at 9.30am on his You Tube channel for a morning workout.


If you cannot join Joe, then I would like you to design 10 P.E. activities that you can time.  Keeping a football up, throwing a tennis ball in the air and clapping and seeing how many of these you can do in one minute.


Record your scores and then on Wednesday, I would like you to try and beat your score.

Topic - Monday 11th January

We are going to look at the history of Space Travel in our Topic work.

First of all, have a look at the PowerPoint that I have uploaded below.

Then, using the fact cards, I would like you to design and illustrate your own History of Space Time Line.


This piece of work is intended to last for 2 Topic sessions, so don't rush it - Take your time, make sure you have got the chronology correct and really add carefully drawn details.


I'm really looking forward to seeing these amazing timelines.


Topic - Space Travel Timeline PowerPoint

Here's the PowerPoint for today's topic work as a PDF.  I'm aware that some phones and tablets can't access the original PowerPoint.  Hopefully you will all be able to access this one.

Tuesday 12th January

Guided Reading - Today you are going to revisit the text that you read yesterday.


Copy the following link into your search engine and this will bring up the slides for today and tomorrow.  Today you are going to complete the first 4 slides.


English - 12th January

Think about this question:  What do your parents do if they are worried or concerned about you?  How do they let you know?  What do they say?


On pieces of paper or Post It notes if you have some, write down what Liam's Dad might be concerned about.


You might need to listen to some of the chapters from Cosmic again to really understand what Dad is concerned about.


Maths - Tuesday 12th January

Multiply decimals by integers.


Watch the video - Click on the link and pause the video as many times as you need to so that you really understand this idea in maths.

When you are happy that you totally understand this subject in maths, have a go at the activity.  When you have completed the activity, mark it yourself and then send it in to me.

Topic - Tuesday 12th January

Continue with your Space Travel Timeline.  Produce a detailed, historically accurate time line.

Music - Tuesday 12th January 2021


Understanding Pulse and Rhythm 2


Paste the following link into your search engine and follow this Music lesson from The Oak Academy.

Wednesday 13th January

Guided Reading:  Revisit Monday's piece of text on The Bronte Sisters.  Then revisit the slides from Tuesday and today I would like you to complete slides 5, 6, 7 and 8.


English:  On a piece of paper, write a note to Liam from his parents to slip under his bedroom door, telling him what they are worried about and giving him their advice.


P.E:  You can either join Joe Wicks fitness session or you can haver another go at the 10 activities that you did on Monday and challenge yourself to beat your score or time.  Why not video yourself having a go at the activities and then post them so that I can see how well you are doing.


French:  Choose a victim...I mean volunteer from someone in your family and have a conversation with them in French.  Say hello - Bonjour/salut, ask them how they are - ça va?, ask them their name - comment-tu t'appelles?, ask them their age - quelle age a tu? and finally ask them the  time - quelle heure est il?


Have fun and why not video your French conversation and upload it for me to have a listen to!


Maths:  Dividing decimals by integers.  Have a look at the video (below), remember to pause it as many times as you need to so that you really understand this maths subject.  Then, have a go at the activities and mark your answers before you upload your work for me to see.

Wednesday 13th January

Maths - Extension Challenge

Once you have finished the main activity, you can have a go at the extension challenge if you want to.  There is a Working Towards page, an Expected page and Greater Depth page.  If you choose to do this extra challenge, choose the page that is right for you.  Scroll all the way down to find the answer sheet and mark your answers before sending them into me.