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East Bergholt CEVC Primary School

'I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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These are the Key skills that each child will be working towards in Reception Class. 


By the end of Foundation all children should:

  • Have a deep understanding of number to 10, including the composition of each number. E.G. 5 is also 2 + 3 and 4 + 1. 
  • Be able to subitise  (recognise quantities without counting) up to 5. 
  • Be able to automatically recall (without reference to rhymes, counting or other aids) number bonds up to 5 (including subtraction facts) and some number bonds to 10, including double facts. 
  • Be able to verbally count beyond 20, recognising the pattern of the counting system. 
  • Be able to compare quantities up to 10 in different context, recognising when one quantity is greater than, less than or same as the other quantity. 
  • Explore and represent patterns within numbers up to 10, including evens and odds, double facts and hoe quantities can be distributed equally.