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'I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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Personal Social and Health Education

Subject Leader - Mrs Smith


Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) holds a precious place within the schools ethos and is a subject that is delivered carefully in each class every week. PSHE begins straight away in the Early Years and is a prime area of learning. It is fundamental which supports the development of learning across all other areas.


PSHE provides the children with lots of opportunities for discussion, asking questions and working with each other. The children are very much encouraged and helped to develop the skills necessary to listen to and value the views of others.  PSHE encourages the children to be independent learners by encouraging them to think and reflect about their own circumstances.

PSHE has a crucial role in supporting the children with everyday issues that the children may come across.  Through careful planning and teaching we educate and support children which will help them make different decisions and choices in life.


At East Bergholt we are keen for the children to work with and get involved with people in the community. We invite different professionals from different backgrounds to come and talk to the children about their role and experiences.

As the children progress through the school more sensitive issues are addressed, in a way that meets the needs of the children in the East Bergholt area.  Policies are in place for the teaching of drug and sex education.

We follow the Suffolk scheme for PSHE as a basis for our curriculum.


Sex and Relationships Education

Discreet units of sex and relationship education are taught to Years 5 and 6 building upon the earlier PSHE programme which deals with friendship, conflicts and family life. Issues and questions are dealt with in a sensitive and appropriate way. The lessons within years 5 and 6 are carefully planned and delivered using a range of approved resources, such as videos and books which are based on relationships and puberty. Some aspects are taught within the science curriculum. Parents of Year 5 children are invited to attend a parent information evening where the resources can be viewed. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from the discrete units in Years 5 and 6 and this should be done in writing to the Headteacher.

Safer Internet Day- February 2020

As a School we spent the day learning about how to keep safe online with a particular focus on apps and online games.  Each class took part in different activities to help illustrate their learning which were then shared, in a 'Safer Internet Day' assembly. Some classes had general peer discussions, made posters, drama based activities and one class even learnt a song, to help remind them how to keep safe online. 


Anti-Bullying Week- November 2019

To raise awareness of anti-bullying week, each class spent some time talking about bullying and what bullying might look like. We also looked at different forms of bullying and the different contexts of bullying. Online bullying was explored and the importance of keeping safe, whilst playing different games and using different apps. At the end of the week, we held an anti-bullying week assembly which gave each class the opportunity to share what they had learnt with each other. A few examples of some of the activities that the children had completed included: Posters, drama and mind maps. 

Year 5: Finance and Budgeting March 2019

Year 5 have been looking at budgeting as part of their unit of work. Today they were given a budget and then worked with a friend, to decide the best ways of how to spend their money. They had to consider wants and needs and then presented their work to their peers.

Reception: Exploring the sugar content in different foods and drinks. March 2019

Reception have been learning about different ways that they can keep healthy. Today they were busy exploring the different sugar contents in some of our favourite foods and drinks. They recorded their findings and then shared these with their peers.

Year 5: How to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts- January 2019

Year 5 have been learning about negative thoughts people might have and then thought of ways of how you could take those negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts. They recorded their work in their PSHE books. Some great ideas well done year 5!

Year 1: Posters about how to be a good friend- January 2019

Year one have been busy designing their own posters about how to be a good friend to others.

Reception: Designing our own healthy lunchboxes- January 2019

Following on from our PSHE work last week of sorting healthy and unhealthy foods, this week we made our own healthy lunchboxes. We had a discussion about healthy/unhealthy foods and then the children's task was to create their own healthy lunchbox. This activity worked on the children's scissor skills as they had to cut and stick different foods into their lunchboxes. Well done everybody!

Reception: Sorting Healthy foods- January 2019

In Reception we have been learning about healthy foods. We enjoyed sorting healthy and unhealthy foods into two groups.

Anti-Bullying Week- November 2018

As a whole school we did a range of activities associated with anti-bullying. This also linked into the theme of this years anti-bullying week which was 'respect'. Above are a few examples of the different activities that were carried out in each class. At the end of the week we had a sharing assembly and each class got to share what they had learnt. 

PSHE EY and KS1- October 2018

Reception have been learning about how it is good to be different and how everyone is unique in different ways. They created themselves on a gingerbread man, followed by a circle time discussion.

Year one have been busy learning about 'People who help us' as part of their PSHE topic this term on 'Accidents and Illness'. They drew pictures about the different people they could think of that helps us.

Year 2 have also started off the year by thinking about how they are all unique and wrote sentences about what makes them unique. Their work formed a fantastic display in the KS1 corridor, feel free to have a look!

PSHE- KS2 October 2018

Children in upper KS2 have been exploring what peer pressure is and what it looks like in different contexts. Here is a few examples of the posters they created.

PCSO Visit- 23/01/2017

Today we were really lucky and had a visit from our local PCSO. She came to talk to us about road safety and how to keep ourselves safe when we are on our bikes.

A visit from the Dentist- 11/01/2017

Today KS1 and Reception had a visit from the dentist today. She told the children all about how to look after their teeth and what happens when you go to the dentist. 

Reception Dentist Visit- 26/04/2016

Today Reception had a visit from the Dentist. She showed the children how they should brush thier teeth properly and taught them two new songs, about how to look after our teeth. They then had a go at playing Dentists. Charlotte was the Dentist, Scarlet was the Nurse and Ned was our fantastic patient! The dentist also spoke to the children about eating healthy foods and avoiding food and drink which are high in sugar. Great listening Reception!

KS1 Police visit about road safety- 19/04/16

Today PC Porter came to visit KS1 to talk to them about road safety. Whilst she was here she also discussed what the Police do to help us and how they can help keep us safe. PC Porter showed the children all the equipment that she carries and what it is used for. The children had the opportunity to ask lots off questions and enjoyed dressing Mr Goddard up as a Policeman!