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Spring Term 2019


Please continue to read with your child three times a week at home and for this to be recorded in the reading record. We will then send home three new books and once your child has read all three books. Happy reading!



The children need to be able to read and spell our tricky words. So far we have learnt phase, 2, 3 and now most of phase 4. Please can they practise spelling these at home each week. Please see list of tricky words.



By the end of Reception, the children need to be able to count, order and identify numbers 1-20. Please can you practise the following mathematical skills:

-Counting correctly to twenty and then beyond.

-Identifying numbers to 20 and then to 100.

-Ordering numbers 1-20 and then beyond.

-Finding one more/one less of a number to twenty and then beyond.

-Practise forming numbers correctly.

-Adding and subtracting numbers to twenty and beyond.

-Counting in tens and then the two and five times table.

-Number bonds to ten (finding which two numbers add together to make ten e.g. 9+1, 8+2. 7+3 etc.)

-Number bonds to twenty.

-Doubling numbers (1+1, 2+2, 3+3 etc.)

-Finding halve of a number.

-Naming 2D and 3D shapes.

-Describing the properties of shapes.


Creative project

Our first creative project for the second half of the Spring term is to make something associated with our new topic 'Space'. The children can make whatever they like and choose the resources they would like to use. A few suggestions are:

-Paint a picture of Space

-Collage of Space/planets

-Clay model of different planets

-Information book/leaflet/poster about Space

-Poster of our Solar System

Have fun and be creative! Please could the creative homework task come into school on the 1st April 2019.